The fast, safe, practical and 100% online way to keep up with the educational institution.

Enjoy the differentiated conditions, use your Credit Card to negotiate your overdue monthly payments.

The educational institution uploads the list of debtors with all the privacy and security available through the Negotiate Monthly Platform.

With the list of debtors, digitals tools are intensively used to find and attract the attention of students in restructuring their debts.

The student gives preference to the stimuli, accesses the negotiation age and tells us how he/she intends to pay the debt.

The negotiation is completed and the institution is informed about the results of the recovery.


How It Works

Professionals who are reference in the Brazilian market in the management of educational receipt. 

Advanced CRM techniques and the best solutions for interacting with students in the digital environment. 

Follow-up of the results and advanced statistics for the market of Management of Educational Receipt.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


ANEC represents the Catholic Educational Institutions, promotes formal education, by Christian principles, in the construction of citizenship and defense of life.



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